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After-sales service

Solve the problem of function failure and bugs quickly

For customers in the problems encountered in the process of using the system breakdown, can by telephone, QQ, submit, operations specialist will immediately submit a research and development department, immediate solutions for our customers, usually working days about 3 hours to solve, the longest do not exceed 48 hours to solve the problem of system BUG.After the solution and reply to customer by phone or SMS.

Monthly report to customer submit operations and upgrade

Before the 10th of every month to submit to the customer site ops report last month, including the system upgrade, website access speed, search engines situation, etc., let the customer clear understand the status of the site operation, maintenance work with us.

Server failure repair

To 2 hours to solve during working hours, the work time of 6 hours to solve, we choose the most expensive server solution, the annual failure rate is extremely low.

Function upgrade

The PC front optimization experience optimization

Continue to shopping cart, product list, product display, promotion modules such as PC front end user experience is optimized upgrade, we will listen to customer comments, and execute the front-end optimization work.

Optimizing the system using experience

The opinions of the monthly mobile phone users, we will optimize the background management module, management site to save more time for the user.

Function module upgrade

Users demand for research and development more promotion, the promotion of the module.

Translation service

By electric business language knowledge base technology, electric business platform index technology, gene matching technology, integration of intelligent translation and human translation, crowdsourcing translation services for clients to provide professional cross-border electricity language.

Information title, keywords, description (description) more than 90% accuracy, fully meet the demand of SEO optimization.According to the different scope of use, can choose different translation level.

Domain name registration


Trade if you do try to register the domain name containing the name of the product type, to improve the keyword ranking, the introduction of natural flow. Such as web design business

If you are a brand site, should be registered domain names containing the name of the brand with the brand.

Registered com domain name, as far as possible. Com in global recognition and identification degree is higher.